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Practice Rules Settings

Warning Messages
Tick off to disable dialog boxes that appear after editing or creating a patients account in which a warning is given when specific data fields have not been completed (such as Medicare Number).
Allow Reverse Receipt

Enable Reverse Receipt transaction type. 

Should leave this off and password protect the Accounting Setup in order to maintain control over the ability to reverse receipts.

Ask For Report Titles

Enable report titles dialog box when processing reports.

Display Removed Providers

Display removed Providers in the Provider setup interface

Auto File No.
Generate a File No. automatically, used to cross reference to the medical record file number
Enforce File No.


Gap Consultation
You can chose to allow for default gap consultation (the difference between the charge and expected rebate)
Make New Patients MCOL
When creating new Patients the account will be defaulted to Medicare Online
Make New Patients Easyclaim
When creating new Patients the account will be defaulted to Easyclaim

Default to Easyclaim Invoices
Invoices will be defaulted to Easyclaim invoice type

Restrict Users Provider Access

Restricted the user’s access to the providers.
Always Show Invoice Referrals
Display the referrals when generating invoice
Print Date Letter Created

Auto Select NNAC for Invoices

Default set invoices to be classified as Not Normal Aftercare
Allow Referral Share
Enables all Providers within the Practice to share the current Referral
Print Next Apt Label Headers
Print the Label Header for the next appointment
Print Next Apt Reg Prac Addr

Turn SMS Consent On By Default

When creating new Patients SMS consent will be enabled by default. Can be also toggled on and off from the Create Patient window.
Strict Held Mode
Hold mode disallows any billings to be made for the selected patient, without ‘Strict Held Mode’ the user can still make appointments for the patient. ‘Strict Held Mode’ does not allow any further appointments to be made

Pre-Populate Pay EFTPOS Sav

When making a payment, the owing amount will default to be present in the EFTPOS Savings section

Pre-Populate Pay Personal Chq

When making a payment, the owing amount will default to be present in the Personal Chq section
3 Month Specialist Referrals
When adding referral, if the referral is going to a specialist practitioner (‘Referred To’ field) then the period set for the referral will be 3 months by default
Check Bulk Bill Valid Referral
Print Audit Trail if Admin

Auto Receipt Easyclaim BB Provide a ‘check’ step when editing the period of a referral. User must check the ‘Edit Period’ box before editing the referral period. Includes a ‘helper’ message (‘What’s This For?) which informs the user about the impacts of editing the referral period.
Enable Smart Item Sorting

Default active the smart item sorting when selecting an Item Number most used items at the top. Without smart sort items are ordered according to their first symbol/numerical value